Journey To Crystals

I grew up with Sage and all types of incense my whole life. Whether it was on Sundays during church, cleaning around my house, or on New Years Eve - which consisted of the biggest cleanse. When it comes to my journey with crystals, well that began two years ago. I was definitely skeptical in the very beginning, I rolled my eyes every time my sister tried to give me a talk about these “magic rocks”. During a very stressful and emotionally draining week in college, my sister cleansed her beautiful rose quarts necklace for me. I carried myself with confidence and I was full of positivity. When I finally realized this change, I looked back and thought, “Could it be the crystal?”. Slowly but surely I started to fully believe and bring crystals into my life. Fast forward to this year, I have read books about crystals, I walk around work with multiple crystals in my bra (they fallen out before…), I even put crystals on my pets and underneath pillows. You may ask me, “what made you believe?”. I FELT the difference. The way I carried myself with confidence, my energy, the negative energy I DID’NT let get to me. If you’re still questioning the process then I ask you, what do you have to lose? It wont hurt to trust, it wont hurt to bring positivity and clarity into your life. 

- Gladys ; La Crystalera