Cleansed & Reiki Charged.

Our healing crystals are first cleansed with herb smoke to assure the removal of any stagnant or negative energy. They're then Reiki charged for any extra emotional/ physical healing you may need.

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Gem Show Magic...

Peach Stilbite - Large
Septarian Dragon Egg - XLSeptarian Dragon Egg - XL
  • Crystal Lover

    "Always an amazing experience here! Love the selection and quality, especially the positive vibes!" - Jennifer

  • Crystal Lover

    "The knowledge in crystals is excellent. Very helpful, and I am grateful to have learned so much from you." - Savanah

  • Crystal Lover

    "I have gone to many crystal stores and I cant find a place that beats La Crystalera's quality or pricing." - Alejandra

Carry Magic With You...

Rose Quartz - Tumbled
Dalmatian Jasper - Tumbled

Stone for Libra

This crystal is perfect for Libra energy because it boosts their natural intuition and helps with all aspects of communication.

Lapis Lazuli: Ensures you stand tall and confident and encourages you to speak your truth. It also brings clarity and self-expression, allowing you to release any suppressed frustrations. With this stone comes empowerment, wisdom, and bonding relationships. 

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