About Us

Hi, we are so excited you found us!

We Started this small business based in the Inland Empire, Ca. During the beginning of the pandemic, our mission was to bring more healing during times of fear, grief, and anxiety. We set up our booth at a local farmers market and were only planning on keeping it up and running for a couple of months. However, we became attached to serving our community with healing and started to expand. Now over a year in, with three local farmers markets, and a growing online following - we don't plan on stopping! 

Our Crystals come from different countries around the world. Just to name a few - Brazil, Africa, Peru, Mexico, and the U.S. We love keeping it small business to small business, working with small mining families who own their mines and use ethical mining practices. When it comes to prices, we keep them as low as possible because we believe everyone should have an equal opportunity to begin their healing journey. We don't believe in overpricing items for our benefit only.  Yes you heard correctly, no color dying, high quality crystals, best pricing, and ethically sourced. What more do you want from us!

When you shop with us you are supporting a Latina owned business. We are proud to represent our Latinx's in this healing community - Estamos orgullosos de representar a nuestros latinx's en esta communidad de curacion con cristales. Every purchase supports this business, our expenses, and you better believe we do a happy dance!

If theres anything you get from this, know that this is a safe place that only has the purest intentions for you. We take healing journeys seriously & are currently sending you love & peace. Thank you!


  • Gladys - Owner


  • Jusleily - Store manager & Creative Director

  • Oscar - Marketing Lead & Sales Manager